Nižšie nájdete naše najnovšie publikácie ohľadom našich služieb, ľudských zdrojov a odborných štúdií z rôznych odvetví.

Is now the time for alternative valuation methods for the construction industry?

Whether it’s a local company or a major global entity, the valuation of a construction business is often estimated on the basis of multiples of earnings, and therefore essentially founded on a short-term outlook. However, businesses strategies with a long-term vision, such as innovation, energy, concessions and acquisitions are not taken fully into account in valuations. If valuers took a long-term view, through using other valuation methods that make it easier to understand these strategies, would this have an influence on how these firms are valued?

Turning GDPR compliance into new business opportunities

With less than a year to go until its implementation, GDPR compliance should be the top priority to any entity, which keeps any type of personal data related to any European individual. Find out more about the opportunities and threats that this new regulation can bring to your business and learn about what Mazars can do to make your organisation compliant and beyond, by exploring.

Venturing Abroad

The Economist Intelligence Unit wrote a series of articles sponsored by Mazars focusing on five challenges facing SMEs venturing abroad for the first time. Indeed, the challenges of operating in an unfamiliar environment are daunting, but offer tremendous potential.

2016 Štúdia: Ako sa darí najväčším európskym stavebným firmám ?

Rok 2015 znamenal mierne oživenie výkonu najväčších stavebných skupín, a to v oblasti obchodu a zlepšenia prevádzkovej marže. Rast pokračuje ako na odvetvovej, tak aj na geografickej úrovni. Je podporený rozvojom energetického sektora a nárastom podnikania mimo Európy. Na spoločnosti má však stále dopad aj vývoj na ich domácich trhoch. Môžeme to vidieť vo Francúzsku, kde sú stavebné skupiny ovplyvnené stále stagnujúcim domácim trhom.

The financial communication of insurance groups: focus on Solvency II

Over the years, financial communication has become an essential aspect of promoting the activities of large insurance groups. The exercise has particular salience this year with the arrival of the European Solvency II Directive, introducing far-reaching changes in the matter of capital requirements and risk management. Against this background, we have taken a closer look at the information available on Solvency II, the major issue in financial communication in 2015.